About Me

Hey, I'm Scott and I'm a man that's been on a journey to living a life of integrity and joy for the past six years. Prior to starting this journey, I was ashamed, isolated, defeated and resigned to living with my impulsive and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts and behavior rest of my life. 

Does that mean I'm perfect now? No! But, it does mean I learned that in all my struggles, God was working them for my good, that I'm deeply flawed but even more deeply loved and that I could heal from the wounds and mistakes of my past and didn't have to stay locked in a pattern of feeling bad > acting out to feel good > feeling ashamed, remorse and regret > and repeating this cycle over and over. 

If your a man who loves Jesus but who struggles with pornography, the shame of childhood sexual abuse, unwanted same-sex attraction or sexual addiction, you are not alone and there is great hope. Come out of the shadows and into the light of fellowship with other serious men on the same journey of hope, joy and integrity. It won't be easy to change. But, I promise you this, it will be good!